“Facebook told me WHAT my busy, spread out family was up to,
but it took Support Tribe to know HOW they were doing and WHY.”
— Kelly, 50-year-old mother of two
“My tech phobic 78 year old father is an active part of my Tribe, as is my 20 year old Instagram diva daughter. Support Tribe is for everyone.”
— Steve, Support Tribe founder
“I still wanted to be a support system for my family despite being away at college, Support Tribe makes that possible.”
— Bailey, 20-year-old college student


Why It Matters

Support Tribe is an app that helps everyone have meaningful 1-on-1 communication, build lasting personal connections, and reverse the growing trend of isolation and all of the negative impacts it has on our health and happiness.


For Everyone

In a world of division, Support Tribe connects.


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